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Our Courses:

Are you ready to become diver?

Open Water Course:

  • Theory Session, quizzes and Final Exam;
  • Confined water session, in our academic swimming pool, to learn all the basic skills;
  • 4 Open Water sessions;
  • Enjoy your new life 

Price: 17,000 baht ( all included )











Are you ready to upgrade your level?

 Advanced Open Water Course:

  • 5 dives:

           - 2 mandatory dives: Deep Dive between 18-30 meters dept and Underwater                         navigation with compass;

           - 3 dives that you can select from these specialties:

Nitrox diver

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Boat diver

Drift diver

Underwater naturalist diver

Wreck diver.


 Price: 19,000 baht ( all included )








 Rescue Course: On Request.

 Dive Master Course: On Request

( Dive Master Internship available: Contact us for more info )


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